Why You Should Keep Your Sense Of Humor When Times Are Tough.

Who says there is no single cure for all of life’s problems?

There is, and it is called humor. Yes, the ability to laugh in the face of the very situation that gave you the blues is powerful, and addictive! Humor is the cushion that can soften the impact of many a shock, and not let the minor ones even register. Sadly, even though people understand the importance, they are at a loss at how to make it happen in their lives.

Humor is Useful in Daily Life and Not Just in Comedy Shows

People usually relate humor to the antics performed by a strange guy in funny pants on a TV show on weekends. Well, not quite – there is a world of difference between humor and laughter. While you may not be displaying the full set of your teeth to the world all the time, it is important to maintain the funny disposition. Here is how you can go about doing it:

Surround yourself with humor: You need to make an effort to ensure that the fever of humor keeps flowing in your life. Maybe it is some very witty comedian you admire, or a humorous writer you enjoy – make sure that you take out some time daily and a lot of time weekly for it. This will perpetuate happiness and lightheartedness in your life and will help you keep your cool in trying situations. Believe it or not, no medicine is permanent (except poison!) – you need to keep up the regular practice of being humorous to derive some be

Get motivated, in a funny way: There is no better and practical way than to learn this art hands-on. Therefore, it is indispensable to find a teacher who can drive you to achieve more by the application of humor. You can read all the books that you want in the world, but if humor is not learned practically, only failure will have the last laugh!

Do not keep waiting any longer.

Experience the power and effectiveness of humor in your life, and discover how easy it is to laugh your way to happiness and success!

Being able to laugh about your breakup or your relationship is a very good sign. Laughter and having a sense of humor, at this point, is not only a sign of healing, but it can also actually help you to get past the pain of your breakup and jump start the whole process of rebuilding your life. Even though you might not think that any of this is a laughing matter right now, the sooner you start the healing process, the sooner you get your ex back.

To start the healing process as soon as possible I might prescribe a dose of silly movies. Picking out a fist full of your favorite funny movies and forcing yourself to do nothing but watch these movies can get you moving in the right direction. After two or three good movies you might find that your attitude and your mood is much improved. You might find that watching a couple of your favorite movies becomes a part of your routine. Keeping them on while you do other things can give you some background noise and keep you from feeling too lonely, and a few good movies are better than hitting the bottle. Funny movies never broke down anyone’s defenses and made them call an ex in a stupor. Keep that in mind.

Once your mood begins to improve thanks to all the laughter, you might find that you’re able to laugh a little bit about your breakup. Maybe there were arguments that were so ridiculous that you can find some humor in them. Maybe you did stupid things that you regret that we so unlike you that you will be able to laugh about them.
Being able to laugh at yourself is a good sign and a sign that you are healing. Feeling sorry for yourself is the opposite and is probably very unattractive to your ex so the sooner you can laugh at yourself the sooner you will be able to get your ex back if that is your plan. A secure person is able to laugh at him or herself while an insecure person is guarded and takes offense when someone laughs at them. Just think about it.

Before you know it, you and your ex will be able to laugh about this whole breakup. Both of you will be healed of the pain from your past and the things that you both did to each other. You’ll be ready to start new and rebuild your relationship so it’s stronger than it was before. Laughter is the key to this and laughter is the first step in helping you to get yourself and your life back in order.

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