Why Is Parenting Toddlers So Hard?

There Is A Better Way.

I hear this all of the time. Parents find toddlers so difficult, and hard to deal with. I find toddlers to be so interesting, and funny, and delightful, and yet sometimes they need corrections. I get it though, that there are times when they can be just difficult. Nothing is worse for me to watch than an out of control child. I just see them as frustrated, and they have no idea how to handle themselves when things don’t go their way. It makes me sad. I just see a child that needs a leader.

So what do you do?

What if you had a plan in place, so that when something happened that you needed to deal with you had a plan in place, and knew exactly what to do, and how to do it? This is what Empowered Parenting – Getting Back To The Basics is all about.

How about learning to be the leader of your family?

Wouldn’t that be empowering? Wouldn’t it be so great to tell your children what to do, and you could count on them to just go and do it without to much trouble. I promise you that it is so possible.

Who is leading your home? You have to learn simple techniques that allow you to be the leader of the children, and not the other way around. Once your children understand that when you say something you mean it, it becomes a whole lot easier. It is when the children do not understand that simple concept that things fall apart.

You have to be able to be the “Alpha” in the home. I have raised not only kids and grandkids, but German Shepherds. It is all the same concept. You have to be the leader. It is just that simple. If you don’t lead they will, and they have no concept of how to do that.

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