Why Can’t I Get People To Think Like Me. Especially When I Know I’m Right.


I Want To Influence Others, And I Can’t Seem To Get Them To Think Like Me.

It is so frustrating when you believe certain things to be true, and yet others don’t see it your way. Why Not?

The reason for this is quite interesting.

I just read a devotional that explained this so well. Paul David Tripp New Morning Mercies April 7th daily devotion.

The truth is we all walk in this world with our own perceptions and beliefs based on our own experiences and truths. We take that information and talk to ourselves to create our beliefs. We are the biggest influencer in our own life. Whether we like it or not. It affects everything we do and say, and most importantly what we believe.

It is so important to evaluate our thinking on a regular basis. What is truth, and what is a lie? Are we open to listening to truth, and evaluating it? Are we so headstrong we can’t hear truth from anyone? Are we so wishy washy that we believe everything that someone tells us, because we can’t trust our own thinking?

The truth is people are everywhere on that spectrum.


We need to understand this so that we are not offended when we can’t convince someone to think the way that we do. What we are talking about today is about having less judgement and more understanding to others points of view. We don’t have to agree, but when we understand that everyone has their own path that has led them to where they are then we can be less offended.

This is so important on so many levels. This is freedom in Marriage, and Parenting. It is also Freedom in religion. Let God lead that person, and it doesn’t have to be you. You can influence but that is it. This is so important now a days with Politics too. Be an influence and feel free to say what you believe, but stay kind if someone doesn’t change how they feel.

Listen to the video. I do think it is so insightful.