Who Is Running Your Home? You Or Your Kids?


Are you as a parent running your home, or do your children run your home?

This is an extremely important question to ask yourself and to be really honest.

It is too much responsibility for your children to dictate how your home runs. It is your responsibility as a parent to create a peaceful happy home so that your children can grow up in peace. To do that you need a few tips to teach you how to create that atmosphere.

Let’s talk about that.

There are very important steps that you can take to set the tone for your home. Unfortunately, it starts with you. I hear all the time that parents just want the child fixed, and disciplined so that the home can change its dynamic. That is not how it works. You have to start with you. I do a lot of teaching on how your energy level is, and how you handle stressful situations. They look to you for problem solving. How are you doing at solving problems in the home. How stressed and upset are you on a daily basis?

Do you yell and carry on when you don’t get your way? Do you fight with your husband in front of the kids, and show bad behavior to resolve a conflict. Children watch all of this to determine how they manage their emotions. Are you too authoritative or not enough? Some Moms are too passive, and quiet, and sweet, and they can just as easily be run over by a strong willed child.

Whatever the case it is – you have to make the first changes in behavior. The good news is when you commit to the plan you can change the whole dynamic of the home.


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