Where Have Our Values Gone?


Have People Lost Their Minds?

Seriously! What are people thinking?

I am sure that you’re not one of these people, so I feel comfortable talking about this. I am sure that you are the type of person that makes good decisions, and would never do anything foolish. I am sure that this is just about others that you know. Am I right?

I am obviously kidding. We have all made bad decisions in our lives that we have some regrets over. We are humans and we can’t escape it.

However, what I am talking about here is the choices that we make that will set us up for failure, and yet we make the choice knowing that the consequences would be huge is we were found out.

How many marriages have been destroyed because of outside activity that you knew was wrong, but hoped things would end well Maybe no one will ever find out. Maybe I can enjoy this moment and it won’t destroy my marriage.

How about spending? How many bad financial decisions have been made knowing full well that it was a bad decision, but we want what we want? We will deal with it later.


How about things we do in secret that we know if someone found out about it would destroy the relationship? We want what we want now.

Why do we sometimes want to ignore the known consequences to our actions?

Why do we somehow think we are above the consequences?

Why do we think we deserve empathy when we have made a terrible decision? Do we deserve empathy? I believe yes, but that doesn’t absolve us from the consequences.

Why do we expect others to overlook our mistakes, and not make us pay for the actions that we chose?

So, here’s the thing…

We are all human, and we all do make mistakes.

However, saying that I believe in Personal Accountability. We have to own our mistakes. We have to live up to the consequences. Of course we can ask for forgiveness, but someone might not be willing to give it. Some will, but some won’t. We have to own that. We have to try and make right what we did wrong. We can’t always expect that someone is just going to let us move on from a mistake without the consequences of our actions.

We know these things in our minds, and yet we are spoiled people, and we make choices sometimes that can have devastating consequences. We need to be a lot more careful with the choices that we make, especially, when it causes harm to others.

Hold yourself Accountable.

Live with Integrity, and Honor.

Make Good Choices.

These are keys to a happier life. Don’t give yourself permission to live a sloppy life. There are consequences to that decision.

It is never to late to try and make things right, and start fresh with living within Integrity.

Start Today.

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