What To Do When You Don’t Know Your Purpose…


I Just Don’t Know What My Purpose Is!


I made this video for all of you that just can’t seem to figure out what your purpose in life is.  We are told that we all were put on this earth to serve a purpose, but so many times we can’t figure it out.

Let me tell you this..

It is not always a huge big thing.  Sometimes it is just being a great mom, or a great dad.  Sometimes it is just showing kindness to others, and maybe being the only smile that someone may see for a day.

We need to live our life in alignment with God, and I promise you that all things will fall into place at the most perfect timing.  If you live your life with as much honor and integrity that you possibly can, than I promise you that good things will come your way.


Once you realize that we put out good energy we bring back good things.  That is how it works.  God always waits to reward us when we are ready.  If you have big dreams you just keep on dreaming and believing.  God has bigger plans than you can even imagine.

If you ever heard of the saying “Trust The Process” this is exactly what you should do.  Just Trust The Process, and do good.