What Is Empowered Living?


What is Empowered Living?


I have been asked this question quite often, and i would like to talk about that for a minute here.

Empowered Living With Jane is the combination of 3 things.

  1.  Faith In God
  2. Law Of Attraction
  3. Personal Accountability

You must in my opinion have all 3.  If you are missing any 1 of these 3 things, and I can promise you that you are not living your post Empowered Life.

Let’s start with number 1.  Faith In God is critical.  We are all created beings, and we are all spirit filled beings.  If we do not connect with our creator we are always feeling a lacking and a searching for something that is missing. God is always wanting us to communicate with him, and to love him as he loves us.  He is our light, and guide for our life.  We are always searching for a missing part of ourselves when we do not communicate and put our faith in the God of the Universe which is also our creator.

Number 2 is Law Of Attraction.  Law of attraction is simply this.  What you put out comes back to you.  It is all about energy.  Positive, and Negative.  Here is a link if you really do not understand the science behind the Law Of Attraction.


<< Control What You Think

Number 3 is Personal Accountability.  This is a big one that people really want to forget about.  Personal Accountability is really understanding that your life if 100% yours, and you are 100% accountable for how your life turns out.  You can not blame others for your unhappiness or even for your happiness.  You get to choose everything in your life once you are an adult.  You get to choose who is in your life, and who is not allowed in your life.  You do not have to allow people in your life that treat you badly. This is a game changer for so many people.  You get to direct your life in any way that you see fit.  Here is a link to a short eBooks that I wrote.   You may want to check them out.

Heal Your LIfe

Living Your Best Life

I know that these are all very short, and trust me we will be going into greater depth on all three of these.

For now just understand that if you are lacking knowledge in any one of these areas you should do your homework and get these three things in balance.  That is when true happiness can exist with out even trying.  It is a beautiful place to be.