What Does Empathy Have To Do With Forgiveness?


This Is A Great Way To Help Your Mind Release The Hurt, And The Energy Attached To Unforgiveness.

Hurting People Hurt People.

This is just a fact. There is no denying this. When you can start to understand that the people that hurt came from someone hurting them, it can start to help you release the power that these people hold over you.

There is a release that can come from knowing that these people are Gods to decide what their punishment will be or not be. It is not up to us. Revenge Is Mine Says The Lord. Romans 12:19. I have decided that it is up to God to hand out punishment as he sees fit. I will no longer give this person any more of my energy.

Sometimes understanding empathy can lead to forgiveness, and reconciliation. However, Hear me loud and clear – It does not have to. Some people need to stay out of your life and you need to just release the negative energy that rules your life. You do not want to allow people to stay in your life that do you harm. You also don’t want to allow someone else to bring you harm by keeping your brain in a negative state.

Empathy can say. I know that someone did you wrong in your past, and that is why you did me wrong. I hope that you get help, and stop hurting others. As for me I will no longer let you affect my life. I release the negative feelings, and I will allow God to pass judgement on you. It is so freeing. It allows you to go forward with your life in a powerful way.

My Mom forgave her family of some terrible things. She understood how abused they were, and that they were hurting people that hurt others. It didn’t make it ok with how she was treated, but it gave her understanding, and the ability to forgive. It is a beautiful thing. She also prayed for them, and I believe all but 1 of her brothers came to know Christ before they died. Her Mother found Christ on her death bed. God is a just God and will forgive whenever you are ready to want forgiveness. That is how we are also suppose to be.


Forgiveness is for us. It is for our healing. God knows unforgiveness will hurt us. We are commanded to forgive. Try this idea about understanding Empathy, and see if it will help you get there.

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