Tell Me What To Do To Get My Children To Listen Please!!!


It Starts With You.

There are three things that I always talk about that must be in balance to solve this problem in my opinion. I talk about these three things all of the time, because I believe that if these three things are in balance you can expect success in all areas of your life.

  1. Faith In God
  2. Law Of Attraction, and not the Whoo Hoo kind.
  3. Personal Accountability

You’re thinking what does these three things have to do with getting my kids to listen. Well, that you will need to watch the video for.

However, I will tell you this much about getting your kids to listen to you.

It absolutely must start with you. You must be willing to work on you first before we can even start to work with the kids. You must be willing to learn a new behavior, or you might as well forget it. It is not about the kids at this point. You must learn how to interact with your kids so that they will listen.

We talk about Calm/Assertive. This is the best energy you will need to learn to have when interacting with your children. You need to get yourself in a place of calm/assertive energy before you deal with your children. This is really important. I learned this while in training for my German Shepherds. Once I understood this I realized what a value this is when teaching animals, or children. You must be the Alpha in the family.

The bottom line is this. You need to be willing to work on your behavior, and understand how that influences your children. Once you get a few things in place mentally it will start falling into place, and you will see quick lasting changes.


Trust Me This Works.

Start With You.

Here Is Another Video You May Find Helpful..