Stop Thinking Others Opinions Are Better Than Your Own

Stop Thinking Others Opinions Are Better Than Your Own


People usually compare themselves with others in terms of feeling, opinions and attitude. This comparison can be harmful for every individual regardless to his/her financial or social status. When you think that others opinions are better than yours then it means you feel yourself inferior to others due to a kind of inferiority complex. But that does not mean that you should stop observing others. In fact you should stop comparing yourself with others whether they are your superiors, neighbors, colleagues, siblings or strangers etc.

Whenever it happens to you then you should try to get rid of your inferiority complex but if you are unable to do it yourself then you can ask your supportive friends and some wise people to help you in this regard. Some tips are provided here under that can also help out of your inferiority complex.


Determine the reasons of your inferiority complex: When you think that others opinions are better than yours then instead of taking it normally you should find out the particular reasons of such thoughts. You should consider why in your opinion others are better than you due to their educational, financial, celebrity status or looks etc. It will help you in categorizing the reason of your inferiority complex. After categorizing your inferiority you should find out the individuals who influence you the most with their opinions. After short-listing the influential people you should determine the reasons of their superiority than you.

What matters is your thinking: According to experts no one can make you feel inferior unless you yourself are inclined to it. It is your own thinking about yourself or your opinions that you find other better than you or your opinions. So stop thinking others are better and you will have to change everything about yourself. One thing more you should keep in mind that feeling inferior is worse than being inferior. You may feel inferior even if you are not actually inferior to others. Your inferiority is a matter of comparison whereas feeling inferior is your inner instinct from which you have to get rid yourself. So you will have to stop emphasizing on other opinions as it can increase your problem. You should focus more on your own opinion as it will help you in making your life more beautiful and meaningful.


Start loving yourself: In order to make your life happy the first thing you should focus on learning to love yourself. Loving yourself does not mean to love only your physical appearance or outfits but you should also love your thoughts, opinions and feelings without comparing them with others. You should love yourself as you actually are. If you are satisfied with your own self then you will never find it necessary to compare yourself with others. It will also make you more confident in paving path for your better life in future. Moreover you should never want to be like someone else. Instead you should strive to create your own identity so that others may like to follow you. Your thinking that other opinions are better than yours can be the resultant of adverse comments of someone upon your opinions. So you should throw that burden on your mind immediately and start living a happier and better life by loving each and every thing of you.


Search out positive companions: In order to stop thinking that others opinions are better than yours it is very crucial for you to find other people with very optimistic nature to accompany you. You can never be out of your present state of mind if the people who are having critical attitude towards others always surround you. They may make adverse impact on your thoughts. On the other hand, you will be happier with the people who accept you as you are instead of criticizing you every time. This is known as positive company which will help in boosting up your self-confidence, some of which you naturally have.


Thus, you can easily stop thinking that others opinions are better than yours only if you stop depending on others to evaluate you. You should explore and love you to be more confident in life.

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