Multiple Kids – End The Chaos.

Take Back Control, And Be The Boss You Had Envisioned.


Believe me it is possible to have a well run home with multiple kids.

Honestly, the concept is the same whether you have one child or multiple children. However, it is much more critical if you have multiple children.

You need to run your home like a small business and you are the boss. You need to picture what that looks like in your mind.

It can be a fantastic place to be if you have a great leader. That leader needs to be you.

You need to take the time to set up the structure of the family before you implement anything. Put a “business plan” together, and know how everything will work before you implement the plan. You need to be really clear on how it will all work before you just start throwing out new rules. You could create more chaos if everything is not in place first.

Recognize that there will most likely be some pushback in the beginning, and know that you need to have the consequences in place and ready to implement. It will take a little bit of time to let them know you are serious, but once they understand that things will start running so much better.

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