It Is Not Your Child’s Fault That They Will Not Listen To You.

It Really Isn’t.

I am probably the one person who would feel sorry for the misbehaved kids. I always thought if they just had parents that knew how to teach them to behave right they would not act like that.

Before you get defensive and stop watching or reading you need to understand a few things that I learned from a dog trainer when I bought my first German Shepherd.

I thought I knew what to do when I got my 8 week old puppy. I started working with her, and teaching her some things, but by 4 months old she was running me in circles, and I was exhausted trying to just take her outside to go potty. She was getting very strong and leading me, instead of me leading her. Are you getting the picture yet?

I had to pay a trainer $400 to have him teach ME how to lead the dog, and not to have the dog lead me. He was able to lead the dog in 10 minutes. It took me some practice, and some learning, and quite honestly it took the dog a bit to understand that I was serious.

It is the same with kids. We need some training to lead them, so that they do not lead us. They will drag us all over the place if we don’t take charge. Does this sound familiar to anyone.

We need leadership skills in our own family. We really do. We are going to be talking more and more about this.

Stick around and see what is coming.

Keep learning, and be willing to change you before you change them.

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