How To Get Calm/Assertive Energy In Place, Before You Discipline Your Child


This Energy Is A Game Changer In Disciplining Your Child.

This video demonstrates how to get into the right energy before you try and discipline your child. I highly recommend that you take a minute to get your energy in check before you move forward with discipline.

This will help calm down any situation, and allow you to discipline appropriately, and not from a place of bad energy, such as anger.

I learned and used this energy with my kids, but a dog trainer showed me how to use it with a very active and strong German Shepherd. It was incredible to watch the quick behavior change in the pup when I switched my energy. It is the same with children.

Your kids will still love you if you discipline them. They actually want structure, and control. They need to be taught how to control their actions, and you are responsible to be that person to teach them. Practice Calm/Assertive energy like I demonstrate in the video. Once you get the hang of it you will be so glad this becomes your new way of disciplining your children.

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