How to Control Your Strong Emotions In Your Day to Day Life


If you want to understand how to control your emotions, this is what you should remember – trying to control your emotions is a hard thing and to a large extent, unnecessary. The key is to let them be and instead choose your reaction to them.

Emotions are not our enemies; they are our friends, even the negative ones are here to help us.

They act as guideposts to show us the direction where we need to go. The Emotions are not our enemies; they are our friends, even the negative ones are here to help us. make us human and help us in a decision-making process.

To live a better and happier life, you must take charge of the natural instinctive state of your mind arising from circumstances, moods or relationships with others. Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean ignoring them, it means you recognize and take proper actions on them. You must be in charge of your emotions day-to-day! If you truly desire unlimited happiness, you must control your emotions. Do you struggle to control your emotions? You have the power to create your state of happy and favorable emotional circumstances. A clear mind is better and also able to control your emotions. Un-clutter your thoughts!

Emotion is the generic term for the subjective or conscious experience that is characterized by psycho-physiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states. It is often associated and considered reciprocally influential with temperament, personality, mood, motivation and depression. Emotions can be influenced by hormones and alcohol. It is the force behind human actions and reactions. Emotions can be expressed in the form of fear, joy, envy, excitement, distrust, depression, curiosity, contentment, desire, despair, embarrassment, confidence, gratitude, happiness, shame, and shock.

With the harsh weather conditions, the economy in a miserable state, lack of job security, infidel partner, stubborn children, nagging co-workers, and unrest in the society, it can be easy to allow your emotions to run amok. An independent state of mind can make a bad situation worse. Every emotion begins with a thought. If you learn to control your mind and thoughts, you can rule your emotions. Guard your heart because out of it flows the issues of life. As you think in your heart, so you are. While it does take practice, you can be in firm control of any of the particular feelings that characterize the state of your mind, such as hate, horror, anger, fear, happiness or love.

Every emotion begins with a thought.

Learning to control your emotions during challenging times of emotional stress is beneficial to your mental and general health. Emotions play a great role in life, and decisions are often based on feelings. However, problems occur when emotions are out of control. Becoming a manager of emotional intelligence, which involves psychological knowledge, coping and awareness will help strengthen your emotional judgment which aids you to develop a real emotional freedom technique. To go higher in your career, build good relationships with people and be successful in life, you must keep a tab on your emotional quotient. It is common in day-to-day life to regret those actions we took because of uncontrolled emotion. Some keys will help you lead a healthy and better emotional state in life.


Recognize Your Emotions

Human feelings are expressed in different forms. Take time to understand the nature of your feelings. Some of the most painful emotions include anger, depression, anxiety, and fear; the right the news is that they can be subdued.


The best way to maintain a good emotional health is to focus and dwell on uplifting and empowering thoughts. It will help you harmonize your mind, spirit, and body. Meditation helps you to be in charge of your physical, mental and emotional health. Some people meditate using prayer, yoga, reading a life-enriching book or listening to soul-uplifting music.



Affirmation is like confirmation. Through this means you speak faith into your circumstances and gladly expect the best result with cheerful expectancy. Say to yourself, “Am a success.” “Am favored beyond measure, and things are falling in pleasant places for me.” This kind of positive thinking and confessions can change your mood from bad to good.

Over 80% of the things we worry about never happen and 15% out of the other 20% of the time, things don’t happen as bad as we thought. Worrying only saps you of energy and vitality. These keys listed above can help you develop your core capacity, create and be in-charge of your favorable emotional state 24/7. You can handle situations more than you ever thought possible by taking full control of your emotion in your day-to-day life.