How To Change Your Childs Behavior…

Believe It Or Not It Starts With You.

There are 3 things that I teach about on a consistant basis. These are so valuable when you want to know how to to change your childs behavior.

  1.  Faith In God
  2. Law Of Attraction (Not the whoo hoo kind)
  3. Personal Accountability

These three things are absolutely necessary to be in sync to have a successful life in my opinion. This applies to having a happy peaceful family life also.

Let me explain.

  1.  I think we all need to live our life with Faith In God.  I just don’t understand how you can possibly expect to have a happy peaceful life without having faith in your creator.  God is the center of my life and has truly got me through every difficult time in my life.
  •  When I talk about Law Of Attraction I always feel the need to explain, because there is a worldly view of it, and there is a view of it that I believe is backed up with Christian values.  The worldly view really disappointed a lot of people.  They thought they could wish for a million dollars, and somehow it would magically appear.  Many people were disappointed when things didn’t show up.  What I teach is we are all energy, and we put energy out into the world all of the time.  Positive energy, and negative energy.  You reap what you sow.  If you put out positive energy you get back positive things, and if you put out negative energy you will receive negative things in return.  I have seen it work that way over and over again. 
  • Personal Accountability is the one everyone always wants to look past.  It is so much easier to blame others.  In parenting we want to blame our kid’s behavior.  It is their fault that they won’t listen.  I want to challenge you to look past that response and to look at you as the parent and understand that it is the parenting that has led to the behavior.  If we don’t address this issue head on you will not be able to change the child’s behavior.

Personal Accountability is what I want to spend some time talking about today.

How To Change Your Child’s Behavior. Believe It Or Not It Starts With You – was chosen as a title for obvious reasons.

If you are not willing to change your behavior, how can you possibly expect your child to change their behavior?  It is really this simple.  Learn how to control your energy and emotions.  Have a plan of action in place ahead of time.  Do not let your emotions rule you, but you must rule your emotions.  Remember, everything is a teaching moment.  You are demonstrating calm/assertive behavior.  Stay calm.  Stay Absolutely determined in the outcome.  Win at all cost, but never let them see you sweat. 

When you learn certain techniques it is a game changer.  You can learn to have very well behaved children that will listen and obey.  You will show them how to be peaceful.  Everything is a teachable moment. You are the teacher.  Your energy is so very important.  If you yell and spank and show no control than you are demonstrating that is how to solve conflict.  You are teaching them to yell and carry on when they need to get their way.  Does this make sense?  You must set the example.

There is a lot to learn and you won’t be perfect at first.  Be willing to apologize and start over.  Kids are forgiving, and willing to give you another chance.

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I am Jane Farano and I am an empowerment coach and I absolutely love to inspire and motivate others to have Wealth, Health, and Happiness.I am different than most empowerment coaches. See, I believe that with the Law of Attraction, Faith in God, and Personal Accountability you will create an absolutely powerful life.We only have one life to live. I believe that it is our Moral obligation to find Wealth, Health, and Happiness. We cannot achieve the purpose that God created us for with out having all three.I have experienced some hardships in the last couple of years that had me practicing all that I teach. I can promise you that this combination works. It is powerful and it is life changing.