How Do You Even Know What Is Right, And What Is Wrong In These Modern Times?


Things Can Be Very Hard To Decide Today With The Propaganda Being Thrown At Us Every Day.

As good people we are raised to Live and Let Live. There is some truth in that. However, I would like to challenge you to consider whether you are being brainwashed into thinking that wrong is right, and you have become accepting of things that are clearly wrong.

There are things from my point of view that are clearly wrong that we are being told to accept as “Normal” and quite honestly “Right” that from not only my point of view, but more importantly God’s point of view are clearly “Wrong”.

You need to become very clear on what you think with a step back and take an honest look at a few things.

Abortion is at the top of my list. It is killing of babies. They have taught society to not look at it that way. How do you think God would look at it? Do you think he looks at that “cell” as a blob of nothing? Nowdays they want you to accept abortion as cool all the way to birth. That is so evil, and yet somehow people are going along with this as “Right”

Let’s Talk about Sexuality a Second. I talk more in the Video that you should watch about this. Sexuality is pretty clear in the Bible. They are trying to brainwash us into accepting everything sexual as “Right” Really. Trust me Pedophilia will be coming as the next acceptable behavior. Trust me on this one. They already want to add a “P” at the end of LBGQ…

We have to start looking at what we fill our minds with. What music do not only we listen to but, what are we allowing our kids to listen to. I don’t have to tell you how raunchy the modern music is.


Are you good with Porn?

The Bible is very clear about things, and when we choose to live in a way that is against Gods standards there are consequences for that. We need to understand that first of all. God wants us to look to him for our guidance. He will guide us with love and acceptance.

We have to talk about this stuff because they are cutting of kids genitals without parents permission, and taxpayers are paying for it to help make this problem solved. I think that these people are hurting people and need solutions and love and help. I want that for them. I just think that maybe help with why they are having this problem, and helping them to solve that problem would be a better solution. I can’t accept that God made a mistake when he created them. I believe humanity hurt them. That is my take on a large problem.

I want us to understand bottom line that Right has to still be Right, and Wrong has to still be Wrong. Get clear on this in your mind, and teach your kids how you feel about these issues.