How To Be Happy When You Are Dealing With Pain. Physical or Emotional.

How To Be Happy When You Are Dealing With Pain. Physical or Emotional.


How is it even possible to be happy when you are suffering?  This is a big problem for many people.  I have done a lot of studying on this subject, and I can tell you for sure that you must keep up you mental well being, or you will just feel the pain, and not the joy.


I explain it a bit more in this video.

So many of us are suffering on some level.  You can truly get bogged down with pain. It can drain you in way that is just exhausting.  Trust me I know.


When dealing with pain there are things that you can do to help yourself.


You should get up and get dressed if at all possible.  Staying in your night clothes can keep you in a depressed state.  Listen to Music that you love.  Fill the house with enjoyable music.  Keep people at a distance from you if they are negative/ complaining types of people.  You don’t need that when you are suffering. Read a good book.  All of these tips will help keep your mind off of your suffering.

Get out of the house if you are able to.  Go sit at a park, or go out to lunch or dinner.  Find things to do that you find enjoyable.  It is all about mental well being.  I can’t tell you all of my tricks or you won’t watch the video.

Watch the video and let me know if it helped you at all to look at your suffering through a different lens.  Share with a friend if you think they can benefit from it

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