Do You Really Know Your Core Values?

Do you really know your core values? This is a legitimate question. People are living their lives as if everything is ok. There is a right and a wrong. There are consequences to our actions.

We must understand this. Somehow, there seems to be this thinking that if it feels right just do it, and consequences be damned. That is just not right. People get hurt with this thinking. Sometimes you have to do the right the right thing just because it is the right thing to do.

I have seen so many people make devastating life choices, knowing full well that the outcome would most likely have very negative outcomes, and yet chose that anyway. Why is that? You have to be really clear on you core values, and what is right and wrong to not allow you to make certain life choices that will destroy your life.

So the question is this -Do you know your core values? Are you clear about your core values so you are strong when things come your way to lead you astray?

We have seen this happen to people over and over again. It takes self discipline, and moral integrity many times. You have to have the ability to tell yourself NO. This will do me harm or do my family harm and I will not make that choice.

I heard on Oprah many years ago when she was interviewing Maya Angelo if she could tell us in the simplest way how to have our best life. She said all you have to do is DO RIGHT. It really is that simple. DO RIGHT.

That is the best way to have a great life. Do the right thing and God will bless that. I absolutely believe that. It doesn’t mean you will never have hardship, but it does mean that God will bless your life and you will live a blessed, and happy life.

I honestly believe that when you live your life with honor and integrity you can’t help but be blessed.

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I am Jane Farano and I am an empowerment coach and I absolutely love to inspire and motivate others to have Wealth, Health, and Happiness.I am different than most empowerment coaches. See, I believe that with the Law of Attraction, Faith in God, and Personal Accountability you will create an absolutely powerful life.We only have one life to live. I believe that it is our Moral obligation to find Wealth, Health, and Happiness. We cannot achieve the purpose that God created us for with out having all three.I have experienced some hardships in the last couple of years that had me practicing all that I teach. I can promise you that this combination works. It is powerful and it is life changing.