Create A Safe Space For Your Kids To Come Home To

To create a safe space for your kids to come home to you must see that it plays an important part for the welfare and happiness of your child. The world is a rough place. There is so much out there for your kids to learn to adapt to out in the real world. It is rough out there.

They have to deal with not everyone loving them. They have to understand that some kids are mean. There is so much for them to face in the world. Not everyone loves them like you do. They have so much to figure out. It can be so stressful.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk in the door and have love hit hard you when you walk in the door. That is why you really want to create a safe space for your kids to come home to. It is truly an invaluable tool.

Make your home a safe space to fall. Make sure when your kids walk in the door that they are engulfed with love. Stop what you’re doing and welcome them home. Give them a hug and make them feel like you are so happy to see them. Light up when you see them. Show it in your face and your voice. Let’s face it wouldn’t it feel great for us to walk in the door and have a great response like that when we walk in. Imagine how great that would be to a child.

It opens communication also. It gives them a safe space to talk to you. It makes a child feel much more trust to tell you things. They don’t become defensive. You can deal with putting the book bag away in a minute. Give them a few minutes of “safe space” time.

We made a conscious effort in my family to do this, and I still do it when my grandkids walk in the door. =>Go Here

It feels wonderful to everyone, and sets a tone for the family.

So lets create a safe space for your kids to come home to. I promise it is worth the effort.

Here is another create video talking about your legacy that your leaving. Check this out.

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