9 Ways To Say No To Negativity


9 Ways To Say No To Negativity

At times in life negativity may creep up on someone like an unexpected bad
disease. Just like a disease negativity is not in any way good for you. It
works by bringing you down and making you feel unworthy. However, it is always better
if you see the glass half full rather than half empty in every situation. That
way, negativity will not control how you run your day to day life.

Here are 9 ways to say no to negativity;

1.Take control

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that you are in control of your
emotions. This means that you can take charge and refuse to let negativity into
your life. You can be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. When you wake up
in the morning tell yourself “Today will be a great day,” By doing so, you
start your day off with positive energy thus blocking out any negativity that
might come your way.

2. Learn to disassociate from negativity

You should walk away from people who are always trying to bring negative energy into
your life. The negativity that they have is contagious. By allowing such people
to be around you, you give them the power to spread the negative energy into
your life. It is important to surround
yourself with people who are positive thinkers. That way you are able to say no
to negativity.


3.  Take charge of how you view problems

Life, as it is often said, is not a bed of roses. At times you are faced with
problems or tough situations. You should take such moments as a lesson which is
aimed at making you become stronger. When you view such as less of a problem
and more of a challenge you will not have negative thoughts.


4.  Set attainable goals

When setting goals that you would like to achieve, they should be realistic. Goals
which you can actually achieve. That way, you will not set out a lot of
pressure and expectations which. This is not to mean that you cannot achieve
whatever you set your mind to work hard for. It essentially means that you
should know your capabilities such that the goals you set if not achieved, you
would have tried.


By choosing to have positive every day, you get to feel happy and
fulfilled at the end of the day. It is the best feeling.


5.  Develop the skill of critical thinking

Critical thinking is an essential skill in our day to day life. By using critical
thinking, we are able to solve tasks and challenges easier. You also get to
know how to handle life situations. As a result, you get to keep negativity out
of your life. Critical thinking will also get you to develop ideas on


6.  Know your self-worth

Note that blowing one’s trumpet is encouraged but you should always appreciate the
fact that you are valuable. It is encouraged that one should look at, talk
about or write about past achievements, awards or trophies. You get to remind
yourself that you are an achiever. This will give one the confidence to do
great at meetings, interview or similar situations. By being your own
motivation you can keep away negativity.

7.  Do not expose yourself to media that contains negativity

By not watching or listening to media with a lot of negativity you will remain
positive. On the other hand, if you expose yourself to such media, the negative
thoughts tend to linger and affect your life. Therefore, you have to be careful
with what you watch or listen to on the television, social media, and radio
among others. One is encouraged to watch or listen to media that contain a
positive and inspiring message.


8.  Interaction with others

Whether it is at your place of work, school or at home always be good to everyone.
Listen and be respectful of other people’s opinions. If you are involved with
doing shared responsibilities, they should be done diligently. By exuding
positive energy, this might spread to others, even those who were previously
negative. That way you avoid negativity coming your way.


9.  Reading self-development books

By reading such books, you get to interact with various authors. This is important
as you get to be exposed to many ideas about life. In addition, you get to read
stories of other people, which might be inspiring. The authors of such books
usually write in a beautiful way that might bring positivity into your
life. Your mind is also kept busy by
being occupied thus no time to have negativity.


To conclude, you should always find a way to say “NO” to any negativity that comes
your way. By choosing to have positive every day, you get to feel happy and
fulfilled at the end of the day. It is the best feeling.

Creator of Empowered Living With Jane

Jane Farano