What Are The 5 Things That Are Most Beautiful About You?


What Are The 5 Things That Are Most Beautiful About You?


Everybody has his own share of qualities and flaws.  Is it your eyes, or your smile, or your fun personality? If you don’t know, maybe you should ask a friend, or even easier, take a quiz.

Have some fun and find out something new about you!  See if you agree and think this quiz is correct.

Comment below with your results and thoughts.

This quiz has a large variety of questions to come to the conclusion that it comes up with.

This is how mine came out.

  1. Your soulful eyes.
    2. Your cute nose.
    3. Your infectious smile.
    4. Your perfect hair..
    5. That thing you do with your lips when you are concentrating on something. .



Honestly, these are the things that I have been complimented on over the years.  They are the things that I would agree are my assets.  It is so nice if you can learn to be happy with what God gave you.  If you don’t like the answers that you get you may want to think about whether you are being kind to yourself.  You are beautiful, and a gift from your creator.  He made you in such a way that makes you special.  We all come with different features, and we should keep in mind that we were made to be unique.  If you really have negative things to say about yourself I would encourage you to show some love to yourself.


I always recommend to look in a mirror and  really just stand there and look.  Talk to your self with love.  Show love to yourself with admiration.  Compliment the things that you can and try to add more and more to the list the more that you do this.  Before you know it you can say kind things to yourself without even having to try.  The greatest gift you can give to yourself is self love.  When you love ourselves we can then love others.


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