5 Steps To Overcoming Bitterness..


5 Steps To Overcoming Bitterness.

Here are the 5 Steps that you MUST do if you want to overcome bitterness.


  1. Admit it – So, you really must admit that you are harboring bitterness against someone before you can give yourself permission to let it go.  So many times I hear people say that they have let “it” go when clearly they have not.  So 1st you must admit it.
  2. Decide to Forgive. It Is A Choice.  It really is a choice to forgive.  Somehow we think that if we forgive than we are somehow releasing that person from what they did wrong.  All you are really doing though is releasing the power that they have over you.  You are no longer going to allow the things that they did to you to control your happiness.  Go ahead with your life, and be happy.
  3. Take The Initiative For Peace.– This is powerful.  Commit yourself to Peace.  Don’t allow bitterness to take over your peace. Just release it and decide that you are going to have peace in your life, and take the actions needed to make that happen.
  4. Make The Decision To Release The Offender – It Is In God’s Hands To Handle It.  Have you heard the saying from the Bible “Revenge Is Mine, says the Lord.  God will deal with that person much better than you will.  You don’t have to be a part of this persons life you just have to release the negative feelings that stay with you when you think about this person.
  5. Focus On Your Future.  Go ahead and make an exciting future for yourself.  Give yourself permission to be happy, and then go create what makes you happy.

These are some of the hardest lessons to learn in life. The sooner you can really understand these 5 tips the faster that you can heal.  It is freeing, and empowering.  I have had to take these steps myself, and more than once. I am committed to happiness, so I could no longer harbor bad will to anyone.  I am free to live my life as see fit, and I only choose to be close to people who are in alignment with that.

I promise that this is a truth that will Free you if you allow it to.

Go and Live a Blessed Life

Jane Farano