3 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like Your Breakthrough Will Never Come


3 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like Your Breakthrough Will Never Come.


When we think about having a breakthrough, we usually think about it as being a major event. Somehow we expect it to be a major ‘eureka’ moment with much fanfare and applause. The reason that’s so important is that if you want to have breakthroughs, if you want to have new insights and understanding about how to be more successful in your life or how to lead a happier and more fulfilling life, then it’s important that you actively look for and then acknowledge your breakthroughs.

When you think in these terms, you’re having a breakthrough every time you learn something new, or you learn how to do something differently, or you have a new understanding of yourself or someone else. A breakthrough can be identifying where or how you’ve been feeling stuck, or simply realizing how much you have to be grateful for in your life.

The more breakthroughs you have the more you will have. So the more you recognize the ones you have every day, the more you’re inviting that awareness into your life. In other words, if you are willing to acknowledge and accept the small, every day breakthroughs, the more likely you are to experience the major breakthroughs you’re looking for. So, rather than waiting for the big breakthroughs to arrive and being frustrated if you’re not seeing them, you are actively attracting them.

What would happen if you actively looked for the breakthroughs that you’re experiencing in your life? A breakthrough could also be described as ‘an aha moment.’ It can simply be you seeing something in a new way or understanding something in a new way.

For example, one way I encourage my clients to have breakthroughs and insights into what’s keeping them stuck is to write in a journal. A very effective way of doing this is to journal by completing statements. I asked one client, who is currently feeling very stuck around money, to complete the following statements:

The one thing I need to know about making money right now is…
In order to make money right now I need to release… from my life

I can attract the money that I want, need and deserve into my life right now by… 
The main reason I’m not making the money I need right now is… 
I’m afraid to make the money I want because… 
I can’t achieve a financial breakthrough because…


Without going into all the details, based on her written responses to these statements, it’s very clear that she has a deep-seated belief that in order to be successful she would need to be someone other than who she is. She has a belief that she is flawed and that who she is does not and cannot equal financial success. As a result of this programming, she is constantly fighting herself. She thinks she needs to be more disciplined and she needs to function in a certain way to be successful. So rather than working with her natural skills, talents, abilities and energy, she’s trying to force herself to work in the way that others say she needs to work. But this does not come naturally and is not who she is, so what she ends up experiencing is struggle, resistance and frustration.

Now I’d call that a breakthrough, because unless you know what’s keeping you stuck, you’ll never know exactly what to do to get unstuck. In the case of this client, now we know exactly what we need to work on.

If you’d like to become more aware of the breakthroughs you’re having every day in your life, one way is to ask yourself at the end of the day – “what breakthroughs have I experienced today?” If you’d like to take it a step further and actively pursue breakthroughs, then try taking an area where you feel stuck and create statements, like the ones I used with my client. Complete the statements to see what comes up for you.

If we want to get ahead in life, we have to see our difficulties in a different light. As long as we try to run from them, they will probably be chasing us. On the contrary, if we decide to face those challenges, they can turn into the biggest breakthroughs of our lives.

Humans very naturally pursue security, happiness and comfort. Most of them panic when problems arise and instinctively try to avoid them, hoping to somehow find their way back to that place of safety and protection they think life is about.

But life is not void of challenges and struggles. And often it is precisely these difficult areas of our lives that bring promotion and breakthroughs once we decide to confront them instead of denying or ignoring them.

The next time you feel like running away from a bad circumstance in your life, think before you turn on your heels.

Escaping from it may bring a fleeting sense of relief, but it will not take away the fear or build up the low self-esteem you are struggling with. Besides, that giant you are running from will probably show up in some other shape or form later on in your life.

Unless you turn around and face it! When you decide to confront those bad circumstances that have held you in bondage of fear and low self-esteem, you will be surprised how fast they will dematerialize before your eyes.