3 External Factors That Are Affecting Your Success


3 External Factors That Are Affecting Your Success


Irrespective of age, gender, or background, we all are driven by the desire to succeed in any venture we undertake. Every person has his or her own definition of success. To some, success is compassion. Others believe that success is spirituality and the majority equates success to power fame and wealth. In the pursuit of success, different factors may influence your actions and decisions. These factors may be internal or external. Even though these two factors are critical determinants of success, this article seeks to discuss why extrinsic factors may influence our actions, as we chase success. Below are 3 external factors that are affecting your success.

Unpropitious Habits

According to most successful people, habits are the principal determinants of the level of success you can achieve. Most successful people have specific defining habits, which ensure their success. For instance, they are always persistent, self-confident, big thinkers, and patients. Additionally, they can be optimistic, flexible, and risk takers. Strict adherence to these habits often ensures that you can become and remain successful for a long time. However, it is not always easy to adhere
to these habits and bad habits often crop from time to time, thus affecting your success. You should be vigilant at all times and evaluate yourself constantly to determine some of your bad habits. Always question your habits and look for red herrings like self-doubt, excess sleep, shifting blame, and making unnecessary excuses. If any of these habits is prominent in your life, ensure that you weed them out and replace them with habits that foster success. Unpropitious habits are unwelcome distractions among people who seek to succeed. Therefore, they should not limit you from succeeding.

Negative Surroundings

Another external factor that may influence your success is your environment. A negative environment is detrimental to your success. Being in negative surroundings is one of the biggest factors that influence success. It does not matter how much positivity or optimism you exude. A negative environment quickly rubs on anyone and unintentionally affects his or her thinking. Psychologists believe that even a little exposure to negative surrounding is enough to impart negative thoughts in a person’s mind and expel positivity. A negative environment is a precursor to habits, such as self-doubt, excuses, and seeking the approval of other people. Therefore, is imperative that you avoid toxic and negative surroundings if you want to be successful. Make a conscious effort to stay positive and stay within a positive environment. Avoid any environment where people see the negative first, complain or discourage you. This not only promotes good habits, but it is also a source of motivation and proper decision making.

Social Constraints

Social limitations encapsulate cultural aspects, such as traditions, beliefs, and societal norms, which may affect your thinking. While growing up we are programmed to accept certain cultural ways of doing things. For instance, most societies teach that a child should get primary education, go to college, and get a job in order to succeed in life. These teachings are deeply ingrained in a person’s mind to the extent that some people do not think outside the box. In most cases, people, who defy societal norms, are often deemed as rebels. In most cases, the society segregates the rebels and views them failures. This, however, is untrue. Social limitations may discourage creativity and innovation. You are responsibility for determining social factors that may limit success and eliminate them. Therefore, if cultural beliefs or traditions stand in your way to success, you can eliminate them. Most successful people think beyond the box of social constraints and innovate where necessary. Always distinguish the real and applicable social constraints from the unrealistic and inapplicable ones. Unrealistic or inapplicable social issues should not limit
your success.


Everybody is seeking success. However, some external factors may affect a person’s achievement. Scholars believe that external factors, such as bad habits, negative surroundings, and social constraints, may influence an individual’s success. Therefore, they advise that you should curb bad habits and replace them with good ones to ensure success. Additionally, it is advisable that you surround yourself with positive people and stay within a positive environment to succeed. Lastly, you also need to assess social factors, such as culture, beliefs, and standards, then determine the ones that may be limiting your success and expunge them to ensure your success.