10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


10 Ways to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


When was the last time that you did something different? When was the last time that you did something that was spontaneous? Has it been awhile? Many of us easily and unknowingly fall into the trap of doing things because they are familiar or what everyone else has done. With that being said, we all know that we NEED to break out of our comfort zones, but we remain there due to complacency and fear.

The following will help you, by providing you with 10 ways to overcome fear and breakout of your comfort zone. 

Goals: Set Them

You need to know what your success looks like so that you can know what to reach for. This is NOT difficult to do, it just takes time and thinking. The moment that you set these goals, you have already broken out of your comfort zone.
Allow yourself to envision yourself achieving the goals that you have
set for yourself. This will act as your
motivational tool that will keep you from merely giving up and slipping back
into your normal routine.


Build your own confidence by merely living YOUR life. 
This may seem like an overwhelming task, but begin gradually. Start by engaging more on social media. This will remind you that you are valued and people listen to you and actually look for your interactions and presence. Do
NOT allow yourself to remain comfortable hiding behind a keyboard and trapped
within only your ideas online. Engage
with others and learn from them as you move towards your ultimate goals.


In order to properly and plausibly empower one another, collaboration is essential. There are a variant of ways in which you can team up with others that are
likeminded. Additionally, it is imperative that you note that collaboration can result in you getting a mentor that will assist you in this new life journey.

Detox Digitally

We live in a technology age. This means that we have
information, people and services right at our fingertips. As wonderful as that is, our overwhelming attachment to our devices are diminishing our interpersonal skills. Therefore, it is highly important that from
time-to-time that you detach your yourself [or detox] from your devices and get 
back to interacting with and talking to people.
Our devices give us an easy method of remaining stagnate as well as withdrawn
from the world in real time. Release
yourself from this trap and flourish within the wondrous world that hosts


Become Comfortable Alone

Do not be afraid to attend events [personal or business oriented] by yourself. Many of us have adopted a herd mentality and
find ourselves afraid to enjoy life without the company of others. Friends and family will not always share our interests or be available to tag along; therefore, do not miss out on life due to this.

Learn to Embrace the Inevitable: Change

Change is an ever-present part of life. Be conscious
of the fact that it will occur and welcome it with open arms. Do NOT allow yourself to be trapped within a mundane box due to your fear of change.

Learn to Let Go

Remember when your mom/grandma would spring clean yearly? You need to do the same thing in all aspects of your life. Stop allowing
yourself to hold on to things from your past simply because you have become
comfortable with them. You have to
release the things that you have outgrown as well as the things that you have
found were never good for you to begin with.


NOTHING in life
is perfect and no matter how organizing and dripping in planning something is;
something will need to be altered.
Sitting around waiting for the perfect moment to change or make a
“perfect” move will do nothing more than leave you right were you have been
until this point. Simply LEAP. Believe enough in yourself that you decide to
leap out of your comfort zone into change and towards the life that you
ultimately desire.

“No” Is your Friend

Many times, throughout our lives we find ourselves more concerned with pleasing
others. We become fearful of not doing
for others, even when it becomes a detriment to ourselves. Remove that fear from your life and learn to say NO. No is the very best friend that
you will have during this time of change in your life. Keep in mind that you are under NO obligation to others. You have to put yourself first.

Challenge Yourself with New Activities

Sit back and think about things that you have always wanted to do but fear prevented you
from taking the leap. Encourage yourself to do these things as a method of growth.

These are really great tips.  You should re-read them and pick something to start working on right now..

Do Not Wait.  Do Something Right Now.

You need to take action to make any changes happen.

Have a Blessed Day.